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12 ideas to decorate your terrace

Terrace decoration is influenced by size and shape – and a lot! Big, small, L-shaped, with light, without it… Make the most of yours with the following ideas


1. How to decorate a small terrace?

Although we always wish we had a few extra metres, small terraces are the most common. A good solution to gain space on them is to install custom-made benches, such as the one we see in the photograph, which also has storage space at the bottom.

2. Thinking vertically

If space is scarce, the best way to decorate the terrace with plants is to take advantage of the walls. Also, if they are made of wood, as in the photo, the pots and planters can be supported by the paneling itself.

3. Folding furniture

When it comes to decorating your terrace, it is essential that the excess of elements does not make it suffocating. Therefore, it is always preferable – if there are not too many metres left over – to use it only once and to use folding furniture, which can be easily removed when it is not being used.

4. Decoration of chill terrace

What if we set up a chill out terrace at home with some simple mats and some fluffy cushions? Watch out! If your friends try to take a nap in a little corner like this, they may never want to leave…

5. An armchair and a coffee in the sun

Just because we don’t have a table on our terrace for lunch or dinner doesn’t mean we can’t have unique moments on it. A wicker chair and a side table will be more than enough to enjoy, for example, the morning sun while having a coffee and reading the newspaper.

6. More meters, more ambience

The medium sized terraces already allow the creation of different atmospheres, such as a living area, a dining room, a reading space… When distributing them, it is necessary to establish comfortable areas of passage, to take care of the general aesthetics and, whenever possible, to locate the dining room closer to the kitchen, and the relaxation area, further away. 

7. How to decorate a large terrace?

Blessed dilemma! In the case of large terraces, it is not a problem to increase the number of rooms, even giving it the aesthetics of an outdoor living room. The wide and elegant terrace in the photograph seems to want to establish a dialogue between interior and exterior, home and nature.

8. Decoration of narrow and elongated terrace

We often find terraces that, without being small, have a complicated floor plan. To make the most of a narrow terrace we must think very carefully about what layout will give us more room. In this case, the solution was to place a nice elongated dining room that invites to long tabletops.

9. Window + slide

Another alternative to take advantage of a small terrace is to visually connect it with the living room. In this way, you can enjoy the feeling of being in an open space even inside the room.

10. Decorating a L-shaped terrace

Again, the customised benches and corner sofas ensure that the centre of the terrace is left free, allowing where four people used to enter, now six.

11. In the sun, but in the right measure

Yes, we spent the whole winter praying for splendid days of sunshine to come. However, it is well known that a terrace without a shaded area will become a little hell in the summer season. Awnings, pergolas, articulated parasols, vegetable covers… There are a thousand alternatives so that this does not happen. Choose the one that best suits your terrace.

12. Decorating an interior terrace

If your terrace has only a few hours of sunshine, you can enhance its light by dressing the walls in white and choosing plants and textiles that transmit vitality and joy.

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