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How to make water filter using sand?

Every day, people can use a small amount of water that completely comes out of the ground pure. But sometimes impurities size is microscopic and many of them are large enough to remove by using a good filtration system that you can create yourself with the sands.

It is also very essential to remember than this filter does not deliver the water moveable. If you are doing the water filtration yourself with sand, there are some important things needed to do that include:

  • Two by two liter plastic water bottlesWater filter with sand
  • 5 cups of coarse sand
  • 5 cups of fine sand
  • 5 liters of dirty water
  • 5 liters of clean tap water
  • 1 cup of small pebbles or stones
  • 1 kitchen knife
  • 1 coffee filter
  • 1 rubber band
  • 1 ruler

Methods to do:

  • Before you begin doing this experiment, you should wash your hands with soap
  • Cut down 10 cms off the bottom of a two liter plastic water bottle by using a knife
  • Remove the bottle cap
  • Use an elastic band to attach a coffee filter to the outside of a bottle
  • Cut 10 cms off the top of a second two liter plastic water bottle
  • Turn the first bottle upside down and then insert it and then neck first to the second bottle
  • The top bottle is a filter and the lower bottle is a water collector
  • Trim the bottles, if they don’t fit perfectly
  • Level the fine sand on the top and make a coated effect
  • For cleaning, pour the tap water via filter
  • Pour dirty water into a filter to test it
  • The water collected in a lower bottle is filtered clear
  • Now, the filtration process is complete

Pros and cons of sand water filters

Today, people are going to the maximum lengths to ensure their health, but the quality of tap water is not good anymore. So, they want to stay safety and willing to use the water filters.

The major reasons to use are removing several hazardous contaminants present in the water and protected them from it. The benefits of using a sand water filter are purifying the water completely, but the only drawback is very rarely good enough to deliver the drinking water.

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